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After my recent trip to Beijing, China's second largest city, I thought it was time for me to look at a list of the best restaurants. I would like to say at the outset that not all of these dishes are Beijing specialties, but if you're looking for something tasty in one of Beijing's most popular neighborhoods, such as Tiananmen Square, you'll find them all. Here I found the dishes you need to try on your trip to Beijing and how to order them, as well as a short guide on how they work.

There are also restaurants serving dishes from provinces across China, and this diversity is reflected in the Michelin Guide's one-star selection, which is available in Beijing, Guangdong, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Hebei and Jiangxi provinces. Here you will find Beijing - style breakfast dishes, including buffet breakfast, lunch buffet and dinner buffet. Try some of the local Beijing cuisine as well as a short guide on how to order it.

If you are a local Beijinger and this is your first time in China, I strongly recommend you try these fantastic restaurants in Beijing. I recommend them to other expats living in China and travellers in transit, but be sure to bring a friend with you when you visit China.

If you can order these delicious little bundles of joy at almost any restaurant in Beijing, I recommend you go to a place that specializes in Jiaozi. For a well-seasoned Muslim cuisine, visit one of the best halal restaurants in Beijing and enjoy a delicious meal with the best of both worlds.

If you want to experience a luxurious past, there are some of the best Chinese restaurants in Beijing serving well-known Chinese cuisine that will undoubtedly satisfy your appetite. Sichuan restaurants will certainly make Huiguorou spicy, while your average Beijing restaurant will have a less spicy and oily version. You can make steamed or fried dumplings, and both are amazing, but you'll find them more in most Beijing restaurants.

This fantastic walking food tour takes you through Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hong Kong on a 13-day private tour. To really get a taste of China, you need to take a trip to the Great Hall of the People, the Forbidden City or one of the many restaurants in Beijing.

To save you some time, research and reflection, our guide offers you a list of 10 great restaurants that you will not regret visiting. Enjoy a unique dining experience at this 660-seat restaurant, considered the best old restaurant in Beijing.

Chinese vegetarian cuisine, this famous and historic place offers them at a reasonable price. The best halal restaurant in Beijing serves mutton and copper hotspots, and one of the best restaurants to enjoy good food is Ju Bao Yuan. Beijing ruble, a wheat pancake stuffed with pork, beef, and vegetables, is a common dish in China. Chinese stirring - fried eggs, fried eggs with rice, noodles, rice noodles and a variety of other dishes.

With its long history of development, Beijing has its own culinary arts, which include the range of materials selected from the city's many different ethnic groups and ethnicities. The menu is encyclopedic and includes everything from chicken and pork to beef, pork and chicken, duck and duck and even pork ribs.

Beijing is in its dark color, in contrast to the darker colors that you might find in Shandong. Unlike the very deaf and spicy chickens found in Sichuan The Beijing Kungpao contains sweet and savoury sauces and umpteen peanuts, while the Vegetable Kungpao is loaded with vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, garlic and more. You will find a variety of different types of chicken, pork, beef and pork ribs, and even pork and duck.

Although this dish is found in many different Beijing restaurants, it is best to go to a restaurant that specializes in Peking duck, because it is one of the most popular dishes in the city. While the dish is clearly Sichuan, Kungpao Chicken is a very popular dish in China and also in Shanghai. It is recommended for travelers to China because unlike sweet and sour pork, it feels like something you might have at home in a Chinese restaurant. Shanghai Cai, also known as Ben Bang CAI, is originally from this homely dish, but looks smaller, simpler and more delicate than Cantonese cuisine.

The restaurant is owned by a Chengdu native who cooks for her family and husband, and the professional staff serves a wide selection of dishes including pork, chicken, beef, pork ribs and pork chops.

Generalizations about Beijing cuisine can be characterized as follows: Foods originating in Beijing are often snacks, not main courses, and are typically sold by small shops and street vendors. Traditional lamb kebabs (chuan (r)) are available in many restaurants in the city, as well as on the streets of Beijing and other parts of the country.

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