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Chinese Gallery of Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the opening of its upcoming exhibition of works by Huang Rui , "Must-Lists" (2015). The exhibition includes a series of new Camera Obscura works created in Shenzhen, Beijing, San Francisco and Shanghai, which underscore the artist's mastery of technology. Chinese Contemporary Beijing is proud to announce the first solo exhibition in its history of the Chinese Art of Photography series, which will be presented in two simultaneous solo exhibitions featuring works by Huang and other artists from China and the United States. It is Huang's first exhibition to show his work in the United States.

Collage "exhibition, the Chinese Gallery of Contemporary Art will be showing works by Huang Rui, Wang Zhiyuan, Zhang Yixin, and Zhang Hao, as well as other artists.

The Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery exhibits works by Huang Rui, Wang Zhiyuan, Zhang Yixin, and Zhang Hao, as well as other artists.

The collection, called "Chinese Friends," is currently on display at the Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCCA). The Beijing exhibition is open until the end of September, although the museum is currently only open to Chinese holders of ID cards. Check the website to see if the exhibition will be shown in Beijing as planned or if it will open on the same day as the Beijing Art Summit in September. In addition to complementing the exhibition with lectures and programs from the U CCA, it also opens the "Beijing Art Summit," a series of lectures by artists from all over the world on the state of art in China.

Many more of the top galleries are in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and other parts of the Chinese capital. Some notable art collections are in the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, the Beijing Art Museum and the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts. Shanghart remains at its original location on Tiananmen Square, despite the state having evicted it from its former home in Beijing.

The Chinese artist Zhang Chong, who is preparing to return to China after his studies in Bonn. For the current exhibition, Edmond Gallery is presenting a mixed media work that will be on view in the gallery for the first time in its history. The artist has prepared fifteen new paintings, all of which will be on display, and is preparing a series of mixed media works for his own exhibition in Beijing in 2017.

Following the show, Chinese Contemporary will devote an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Beijing and a solo exhibition in Berlin to the artist in 2017.

The Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery is pleased to announce Factory 798, which exhibits the works of artists Zhang Yang, Zhang Zeng and Zhang Yang. Chinese Contemporary is proud to present the works of Zhang Zhang, the artist responsible for the group exhibition, as well as a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Beijing in 2017. Since the foundation of the gallery in 2008, both solo exhibitions have been shown in this gallery and the group exhibition includes works by artists such as Dali, Giorgio Armani, Zaha Hadid, Da Vinci, Monet, Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin, Cezanne, Duchamp, Van Gogh, Klimt and many more. With the new exhibition "Factory 7998" in October 2016, contemporary Beijing has announced a further expression of this development.

The art museum is located in Apple Community Building 4, which was founded in 2002, and in the Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery, the first of its kind in China. The Art Museum, one of the largest and most important art galleries in China, is located in Songzhuang, an eastern suburb of the capital.

The museum hopes to objectively present the history of contemporary Chinese art, promote young artists, and communicate with international contemporary art institutions to create a new atmosphere for China's art ecosystem. Although there is no direct link between the Art Museum and the Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery, the museum's goal is to pay more attention to the general development of "Contemporary Chinese Art" and to seek a corresponding position in the history of Chinese art.

The Beijing Art Now Gallery is a non-profit organization of the Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery, founded in Beijing in 2004. Chinese contemporary art was founded to bring it into global dialogue and is dedicated to supporting this art in China. Beijing Art Now Gallery has played an important role in establishing international relations between China and the United States, as well as China's relations with other countries and regions.

The flourishing of an active commercial gallery scene has led to an obvious focus on Beijing and Shanghai. The consolidation of Hong Kong's art industry, known as the market leader in the luxury market, would follow suit, as customers would travel to China to pay huge taxes on high-value goods.

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