Beijing, China

                                                HELLO BEIJING

The capital city of China, Beijing is known for its modern as well as ancient architecture. Beijing is described as “the cradle of Humanity” as it has a major influence on world’s politics, business and economy; also known as the Billionaire capital of the world. Due to a very long history Beijing has a lot of tourist attractions and is one of the most visited cities of the world.

Things to do in Beijing-

  • Visit the Forbidden city, a huge palace complex and also has museum within
  • Great wall of china-This a must visit place if you are going to china, this historic wall made of stone, brick, earth and wood will mesmerize you.
  • Summer Palace- It is a lake facing Palace of the Quing dynasty.
  • Temple of Heaven- This temple was built by the Emperor Yongle and was designated as world heritage site in 1998
  • Tiananmen Square- A public square as well as a cultural site to visit.
  • Beihai Park- This Park is 1000 years old spread over an area of 171 acres.
  • Ming Tombs- A collection of Tombs used for the burial of emperors of the Ming Dynasty.
  • Juyong Pass
  • Old Summer Palace- These are ruins of a palace with beautiful gardens
  • Mausoleum of Mao Zedong
  • Beijing National Stadium

What to eat?

Some of the must try in Beijing are- 

  • Wandouhuang at Huguosi Snacks- It is a cake made from peas and is very fresh and known for its golden color.
  • Pecking Roast Duck at Quanjude
  • Xiao Diao Li Tang- It is a refreshing drink in Beijing
  • Qianlong Cabbage- Made from cabbage with sesame sauce, vinegar and Honey
  • Zhajiangmian at Hai Wan Ju- This is the most famous fried sauce noodles in Beijing.
  • The Beijing Mutton Hotpot at Jubaoyuan