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About Beijing

Beijing, China is home to HuTong, The Palace Museum, the Taipei, the National Palace Museum, Peking man, The Great Wall, The Great Wall Adventure Club, Silver Fox Cave,The Ming Tombs, The Temple of the Sleeping Buddha and The Summer Palace.


Tourists marvel at Tiananmen, Tian Tan, Di Tan, Xiang Shan, Wanshou Temple, Yuan Ming Yuan, Old Beijing Mini Landscape Park, Grand View Garden, Xiang Shan Park, Zizhuyuan Park, Badachu Park, Longtan Park, Taoranting Park and the LuGouQuao Bridge.


Most like the ShiDu, Miyun Reservoir, ShiHuaDong Cave, YunJuSi Temple and the Panda?s of China. Other must see places are Yonghe Lamasery, Beijing Zoo, Big Bell Temple, Tazhe Temple, The World Park, the Ming Tombs and the Beijing Badaling Wildlife World.


Also available are Wofo Temple, Dongyuemiao Temple, Zhihua Temple, the Yinshan Pagoda Forest, the White Stupa, Juyong Pass, Prince Gong?s Mansion and the Ancient Qing Dynasty Fortress. Don?t forget about the Altar of Earth, the Temple of Confucius, the Lugouqioa Bridge, Zhongshan Park and Zhengyangmen Gate.


The area museums are The National Museum of Chinese History, Beijing Classic Art, the Beijing Museum of Ancient Architecture, Courtyard Gallery and the Beijing Art Museum.


The area ski resorts are Shijinglong, Nanshan, Huaibei International Ski slopes and Badaling.


Among the educational facilities are Beijing Agriculture University, Beijing University of Applied Technology, Beijing Film Academy, Peking University Medical School, Beijing New Asia University, Beijing Polytechnical University, Peking University, Western Academy of Beijing and Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics.


Beijing?s news arrives in the Beijing This Week, Beijing Review, People?s Daily and Washinton Post China.


Beijing, China abounds with restaurants including Tan Cuisine, Fashan Restaurant, Nengrenju Restaurant, Qianmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, Yunlaittang Restaurant, Shunfeng Fishing Village, Hongbinloa Restaurant, Kaorouji Restaurant, Gondelin Vegetarian Restaurant, Black Land Restaurant and Xiangyangiun Food Village.


Among Beijing?s lodging venues are DiaoYTai State Guest House, Beijing Hotel, The Great Wall Sheraton, Radisson, Grand Hotel Beijing, Continental Grand Hotel, Beijing Friendship Hotel, Debao Hotel, The Capital Hotel, Grand View Garden Hotel, New Otani Hotel, The Palace Hotel, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Wangfujing Grand Hotel, Gloria Plaza Hotel, Jing Guang New World Hotel, and the Tianlun Dynasty Hotel.


Don?t forget about Beijing Novotel, Peace Hotel, Beijing Qian Men Hotel, Hua Du Hot

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